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"How To Tap Into the Multi Billion Dollar Online Advertising Industry. A Revolutionary New Way To Make Money Online!"

Do The Same Today As You Did Yesterday and you get the same Results. It is time to do something else today to change your Future!

Dear Friend,

Colin Brazendale

Congratulations, if you’ve made it here. My Name is Colin Brazendale and I can tell you’re someone who takes their success very seriously.

Firstly, I want to thank you for joining me.

As you know, making money online is a desire that so many people want BUT they just can’t seem to get things in motion. Everything starts to become a minefield. Even simple tasks you’ve tried to follow leave you lost and in the dark.


You know what I’m taking about (I’ve been there too) I’m talking about ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.

You suffer from overwhelm, confusion which leads to a lack of dedication and commitment. You lose faith, dust begins to gather, and the DOTCOM dream you had, fades away...

Sure, you may make a quick buck here and there (perhaps) but deep down inside, you know that you haven’t DENTED your bank account with the cash piles you used to day-dream about... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

How can you expect a different result, when the actions you’ve taken haven’t changed? That’s the definition of Insanity! Albert Einstein says it best, please take note…

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” - Albert Einstein

Listen, I’m going to get straight to the point....

I’m not going to bore you to death with the typical sales talk that you’re so used to hearing. It’s just plain boring and patronizing.

What if I told you, there was a way, a “loophole” if you will, to tap into a multi-billion dollar industry, one that continues to pay you even when you’re away from your computer. In fact, it’s paying me right now as I write this out!

How many times exactly?

How about.. Every 30 minutes, 48 times a day – EVERYDAY simply by just for clicking and watching 10 ads online.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t...

In fact, at the time of writing this, more than 100,000 people from around the world are quietly tapping into this advertising gold rush.

I don’t want to hype this up, but this system continues to pay me, even while I write this document!

What I’m going to expose, quite literally has the “GURUS” running for the hills. There are secret underground systems that only SMART marketers tap into, leverage and scale to a tremendous level.

I’m about to help you create a massive breakthrough in your life and your income online.

By using a solid, perpetual, systematic and POWERFUL FORMULA 95% of the online space are unaware even exists.

Picture if you will, a system that runs on complete auto-pilot. Never eats, never sleeps. It’s only purpose, to spit dollar bills out at you every 30 mins...everyday...even while you sleep. Yes, this money making terminator is here to help build true wealth and financial freedom for you...

Sounds incredible right? kinda..well, too good to be true?



Listen up. This is REAL. It exists. In fact, as I write this to you I’m earning money from it right now.

I have no doubt in my mind that this BEASTLY system will create many millionaires - all over the world.

If you follow me, I’ll show you exactly how it works and most importantly, HOW I CAN HELP YOU TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU.

If you’re an action taker, who has snap, determination, relentless desire...


You’re going to be getting access to a traffic system, also referred to as an Ad Network.

As you know, the heartbeat to any business is TRAFFIC.


With that concept in mind, let me delve deeper....

ADVERTISERS like myself (and perhaps you also) need TRAFFIC to run our online businesses.

This is an essential ingredient that any SERIOUS online entrepreneur MUST have to build a DotCom empire online.

When advertisers buy traffic from the likes of Google. Clicks get delivered and the deal is done.

Google laugh all the way to the bank and (you) the advertiser, either make money from that traffic, or not. Either way, the Big Google Giant has pocketed a handsome profit.

But wait....
What if, Google were to pay you every time you bought traffic from them?

Let me repeat that: what if google paid you every time you bought traffic from them?

More importantly, what if the money they paid you, outweighed the purchase price you paid to buy the traffic?

Not only would you get exposure for your business, but you’d ALWAYS be in prot!

If you think about it, we helped the BIG BOYS like Facebook, Bing, Google and

countless other ad networks grow.

Every time we viewed and then clicked an ad, THEY made a TONNE of profit.

Did we (you and I) receive a dime for that?

No...I didn’t think so...

The Game Changer. Period.

I’m going to provide you with unique access into a GLOBAL ad network, that will not only put your business on the map, but it will always ensure that you’re in a profitable state.

In fact, they’ll provide you with a RETURN ON INVESTMENT of your Traffic purchase, or Ad-Pack.

How Do I Earn Money? What Do I Have To Do?

1.    Register
2.    Buy Adpack
3.    Watch Ads
4.    Refer Others to do the same (this is optional)
5.    Profit every 30 minutes

How Is This Even Possible?

Unlike Google, this platform uses a unique revenue sharing model. They POOL all the profits that they receive from their global advertiser base & pay you a proportion of these profits every 30 minutes – NON-STOP 24/7.

Yes, even while you’re in “La Laa Land”


How Much Does It Cost To Participate In the Profit Share?

PLEASE NOTE - (you don’t need to be an advertiser) to benefit from this revolutionary profit share.

Each Advertising Pack costs only $5.

To make money watching ads, you have to simply purchase AD PACKS. They qualify you to earn profit, every 30 minutes on complete autopilot. You simply have to purchase the AD PACKS, click 10 ads, watch them (10 seconds EACH) and PROFIT.

How Much Could I Earn?

Let me answer that question, by asking another...How Much Do You Want To Earn?

Each Ad Pack provides you with $6 back to you!

That’s a 20% return on your money. Compare that with any bank or financial institution you’ve ever put your money into. Not to mention, those shady “high interest accounts” that the bank smirk about from ear to ear.

Most people talk about how much they want to create financial freedom.

If today was the day you could walk down that path, would you?



But Wait...

I have not begun to tell you about the power of LEVERAGE here. If you want to create a vast and scalable business online and create an abundance of wealth beyond comparison, there is a fundamental law you must employ in your business. This is where our friend LEVERAGE steps in.

LEVERAGE ensures your business scales with duplication. Duplication has a domino effect to bring in its partner in crime COMPOUNDING. When you have leverage with the compound effect, your business generates a momentum that cannot be slowed down. We’ll talk more about COMPOUNDING shortly.

Like jack and his miraculous beanstalk, I’m giving you the magic beans to create scalable, leveraged, perpetual wealth by tapping into the power of online media. A multi-billion dollar industry.

The system not only allows you to earn a MASSIVE 20% return on your advertising purchases, but if you refer your friends, family, and acquaintances into the program, you’ll earn 10% on THEIR purchases.

Here is an example: You refer your friend BOB and he buys 100 AD PACKS, you’ll earn $50 with complete automation.

Not only will you earn on Bob’s initial purchase, but you will earn $ on all of Bob’s LIFETIME PURCHASES too. New and re-purchases. All purchases in other words.

Money on tap.

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What’s Needed To Get Started?

What you do not need to money with this system:

 * You do not need any online experience whatsoever
 * You do not need to recruit anybody
 * You do not need a website
 * You do not need any traffic
 * You do not need a business
 * You do not need a huge investment to get started
 * You do not need to be superhuman

What You Do Need To Make Money With is System:

 * You must be coachable, committed and consistent
 * You must have a burning desire to make money and do whatever it takes
 * Have a mindset of motivation – every moment of every day
 * Have faith, patience and belief. Success is a result of repetitive POSITIVE action

Who Is is For?

 * Work from home Moms
 * Work from home Dads
 * Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
 * Network Marketers
 * Internet Marketers
 * Affiliate Marketers
 * Anybody who has an internet connection
(seriously, anybody can make money with us)

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Revenue Sharing, Duplication & Compounding


Let’s get to the juicy part. Suffice to say, you’re interested in this opportunity.
Quite simply, you would not have read this far down this book I very carefully crafted for you.

The dynamics of creating true WEALTH combines forces that are beyond our control.

What you need is a PLAN OF ATTACK to create multiplication of income. Is plan is available and at your fingertips today. This is information you do not want to take lightly.

You can propel your income using the combination of revenue sharing, duplication and compounding. Let’s see how:


The Ad network that you’re soon to have exclusive access to creates a “POOL” of all incoming profit from advertisers.

This includes ALL ad packs purchased and other ad services the company includes in to their portfolio in the near future.

In a nutshell, everyone contributing to the advertising fund, benefits as the company splits this profit BACK to all advertisers – every 30 minutes.

Each ad pack you purchase, provides continues to provide you with profit until you reach $6 back in income.

To put simply, every $5 you spend, brings back $6 to you. The more Ad Packs you buy, the more money you will make.


The Ad network also continue to split profits every time you help contribute to more sales. They’ve introduced an AGGRESSIVE commissions structure. If they continue to purchase ad packs (like you) you’ll earn 10% from all their purchases, for life.

With the power of duplication, this can very easily be 100’s of people, paying you EVERY DAY. People that you’ve never met or spoken to about the business.

This is the power of replication of your efforts with people whom you refer. It causes a powerful ripple effect that leads to DUPLICATION. This adds to the ferocity behind the speed of money coming into your business.


Everytime you purchase Adpacks for $5, they bring you a return of $6 back. Well, using this theory, it only makes sense to continue to purchase Adpacks as you’re ALWAYS IN PROFIT.

Bearing this in mind, we unleash the power of COMPOUNDING. Compounding is a powerful law when used correctly. The fastest way to build up your income in the program, is to continually buy – or RE-INVEST your profits into more AdPacks.

Each Adpack is a “share” if you will in the company. So when you buy multiple AdPacks, you secure more “shares” to buy.

Each AdPack, or share, brings you the equivalent of a 20% return on your purchase. The trick is to continue to re-invest profits from AD-PACKS, back into MORE AD-PACKS.

This results in a self-sufficient money machine, as it will come to a point where you are not using your own money, but ploughing back the profits into more AdPacks to duplicate and create a viral effect with your money.

This is the true power behind compounding.

Use your profits to re-purchase Adpacks which = More Money

Creating a perpetual, powerful, and explosive income has never been more accessible to everyday people (like you and I). Use the power of the laws as instructed above and you’ll create a ripple effect in your income of potentially tens of $1000’s or even hundreds of $1000’s per month.

*please note, this is not an investment opportunity. You are purchasing advertising services and not investments*


What you have to do TODAY

JOIN THE PROGRAM HERE (Make sure I’m your sponsor = colinb)

Watch the Training Provided To You In the Members Area Of the System

CONNECT WITH ME after that’s done

You’ll need to buy some ad packs (the more the better) remember, you get a 20% return on each pack purchased. I’d advise buying at least 10-20 packs to get started

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Who Am I?

Ok, you’ve probably read this far and

still wondering who the heck I am?

Well, my situation I’m sure is not too

dissimilar from yours..

I’m Colin Brazendale, I live in Pretoria in South Africa.

I’m someone like you who always had a dream to be successful and make a real difference in my life and others.. I stumbled into the DOTCOM space a little over 10 years ago. Like you, it was crystal clear to see there was going to be an infinite amount of opportunities in the digital space online. I say stumbled as it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In fact, it was darn right hard.

You can probably relate right? That is, until I learned some principles that steered me in a direction of prosperity. I did it, I finally cracked the DotCom code.

You’ll soon have access to the EXACT same principles I used to CRACK THE CODE to making money online.

The same blueprint that has allowed me to run multiple businesses successfully...

Today, I run and invest in multiple businesses online using the same principles you’ll get access to...

I’ve created multiple online businesses and made a ton of money in the process USING THE CORE PRINCIPLES FOR ONLINE WEALTH GENERATION YOU NOW HAVE ACCESS TO.

Except, I didn’t have free access to this info like you... I had to learn the hard way..

I believe in providing real value and serving you to enrich your life in all possible aspects.

Whether it’s achieving time freedom, financial freedom, or happiness, these principles outlined will quite simply change your life. I hope you enjoy it and do something very special with the knowledge.

An online business gives me the time and freedom to do what I really want, whenever I want and allows life’s little luxuries too ;-)

Hopefully this shows you what is TRULY possible when you follow a proven BLUEPRINT you can model. e same one you’ll get access to!

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Is this real, or just another shady program on the internet?

This is 100% real and a legitimate way to make REAL money online.

With this exclusive book, you have the power in your hands to tap into the BILLION dollar online advertising industry.

ink Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo. We (you and I) help such beasts make prots every year. When was the last time they paid us? This revolutionary system changes everything and finally we can take a fat slice out of the cake and eat it – every 30 minutes.

Will I really make money?

If you have an internet connection and you can click a mouse, you can start to make REAL money online today.

In fact, because of our revolutionary profit share system, you’ll start earning money every 30 minutes, non-stop.

With this revolutionary system, EVERYONE makes money.

How many times will I be paid?

You’ll make money every 30 minutes. Every single day. Simply by watching and clicking ads (takes less than 5 mins to do)

Let me put that into perspective for you. You’ll make money, twice per hour. 48 times a day. 336 times a week.

Can you imagine being paid 336 times this week? If you work a job, you’ll likely get paid once per month. Well with this system, you’ll get paid 1,440 times in a month.

This sounds too good to be true, how do I know this is real?

Listen, you don’t! but I will share my income and results with you periodically via email. Until then, you can sit on the fence.

But my advice, don’t wait around. e very reason of why you subscribed was to create financial freedom online. Let me help you achieve that now – don’t procrastinate.

What do I have to do when I join?

Visit the following link HERE and sign up for free. Once done, you need to buy AD PACKS. ese products give you an allocation into the profit share. By example, 10 ad packs purchased, will give you 10x share allocations of 120% ROI. Suffice to say, the more Ad-packs you purchase the more money you will make. Period.

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Do I have to refer anybody to make money with this program?

There is no minimum qualication to start making money & you do not need to refer anybody if you do not wish to.

I would however strongly encourage referring others to the program. The earning potential is monstrous. If you do not refer anybody, you will still continue to earn passive income every 30 minutes.

How can I be a millionaire?

Following the core principles I outlined of: REV-SHARE, DUPLICAITON & COMPOUNDING, this provides you with a multiplier effect. Imagine if you will, your money multiplying with many streams owing directly to you. This is the power of LEVERAGE that comprises of the laws I mentioned earlier on this page.

I’m not sure about this, is there someone I can reach?

Reach out to me. We’re here to help you and guide you to success.

How much can I make?

Inevitably, I cannot and will not stipulate any guarantees whatsoever. This page and the content contained are just some of my perspectives in creating wealth online.

This may not be what you’re seeking and that is ne, we’ll still be friends with no hard feelings whatsoever ;)

I still hope this book served you with some free value and purpose.



 See you at the Top.

To Your Financial Success

Your Sincerely,

Colin Brazendale

See you on the other side. :)

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